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Design of power supply systems

  Design work is the most important stage in the electrification of buildings and industries. It is on him that the success of the installation work and the possibility of the operation of the electrical installation as a whole depends.

 It is very important that the power supply project be carried out in accordance with all norms and rules and take into account the rationality and possibility of further installation work.

 Our company offers a wide range of design work: from the design of relay protection systems, linear and emergency automation using modern microprocessor tools to the design of 220 kV networks.

Integrated design of power grid facilities

  • Implementation of a set of design and survey works for the construction of 6-110 kV AC power grid facilities, including the implementation of the functions of a general design organization

  • Analysis of accident rate, safety and survivability of power grid facilities

Types of proposed work

  • Power supply design 0.4 - 220 kV

  • Design of power grid facilities with voltage up to 220 kV

  • Design of transmission lines up to 110 kV

  • Design of cable lines up to 220 kV

  • Design of the construction part of power facilities

  • Design of engineering systems

  • Design of low current systems

  • Design of lighting systems

  • Design of external power supply networks

Why carry out design work and who needs it?

To start the operation of any facility or production, it is necessary to perform several basic steps:

  • formulation of the objectives of the project and the conditions under which the electrical installation will operate

  • based on the goals and conditions, all design work is carried out

  • coordination of the project with all authorities

  • execution on the basis of the project of construction and installation works

  • commissioning


Only in the presence of a well-executed and agreed project, it is possible to carry out construction and installation works.

We offer

  • Carrying out complex works - from drawing up a power supply project to carrying out installation work and carrying out commissioning work

  • Technological solutions to minimize your costs for electrical work

  • Implementation of a project of any complexity in the time frame you need

  • Full coordination of the project with all authorities


  • Calculation of all loads

  • Layout plan of electrical equipment and lighting

  • Plan for laying cable lines

  • Switchgear connection diagrams

  • Single line diagrams

  • Specification of materials required for installation

How is the work going?

   Our specialists will advise you and draw up a technical task (TOR) for the design work. After agreeing on the terms of reference, we will send you a commercial offer with the terms and price for the necessary work.

   When performing design work, a project manager is attached to each client - a qualified employee can answer any of your questions at any time. The project manager conducts the contract from the preparation of the terms of reference to the signing of the certificate of completion.

Why us?

  • Our organization has all the necessary SRO licenses

  • Our design specialists have extensive experience in the design of various power supply systems.

  • Design work is carried out taking into account all newly introduced guidance documents, norms and rules

  • We will help you to formulate the goals of the project and the conditions under which the electrical installation will operate

  • We provide a project that is fully coordinated with all authorities

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