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Adjustment of relay protection and automation equipment

What is control and adjustment of relay protection?

   During the operation of electrical machines and apparatus, cable power lines and other parts of electrical installations and electrical networks, violations of normal operating modes and damage may occur, resulting in most cases to short circuits.

  Accidents or their development can be prevented by quickly disconnecting the damaged section of the electrical installation or network using special automatic devices called relay protection, which act to turn off the switches.

  Thus, constant monitoring and proper adjustment of relay protection are a prerequisite for the safe operation of your electrical equipment. Regular checks of relay protection are the key to the energy security of any enterprise.

    APS LLC performs adjustment of relay protection and automation devices 6-35kV.
The company has its own certified laboratory for testing.

   When performing work on checking relay protection, a project manager is attached to each client - a qualified employee can answer any of your questions at any time. The project manager conducts the contract from the preparation of the terms of reference to the signing of the certificate of completion.

Why us?

  • Our relay protection engineers are highly experienced;

  • Our specialists work throughout Russia;

  • When performing relay protection and automation checks, we fix minor defects and do not charge extra money for this;

  • When working with us, a free consultation is available on the condition of your equipment.

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