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“ART” SW is designed for calculating short circuit currents and setting values for manufacturing facilities.
Large Russian petrochemical enterprises already use our software.
An individual "ART" software configuration is designed to meet the requirements of each customer. "ART" SW has a function of automatic re-calculating short circuit currents. Even for the enteire factory, this calculation takes extremely short time.

"ART" organizes information about the electrical equipment at your factory.
Forget about inconvenient papers. Now the information about every mounted engine is just a click away!
Summary table contains all relevant information such as cable and overhead lines lengths and types, short circuit currents, parameters of engines, reactors and transformers.

Using this software, you can get fast and high-quality recalculation of RPEA setting values for the entire factory.  
The results are provided in the form of reports containing selective tripping plans of every feeder.
Selective tripping plans of incoming and distributing feeders can be presented on one diagram.

The ART software allows you to evaluate various operating modes of electrical equipment and form a set of measures to modernize the electrical facilities of an industrial enterprise.

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