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Services and solutions

The specialists of “APS” Ltd. provide a full range of industrial power supply services, from pre-project inspection and project engineering to adjustment and testing of installed equipment. Our high-class professionals are ready to perform services skillfully in the shortest possible time.

Our specialists are extremely experienced in industrial power supply systems engineering.

Highly-qualified staff members install and retrofit electrical facilities of the customers’ plant.

We constantly improve the skills through dealing with special features of every project. This stage is the starting point for invention of new algorithms and devices.

We calculate short circuit current and RPEA setting values for oil-refining industry facilities. Unique algorithms are adapted for individual characteristics of the production. 

“APS” Ltd. is certified against ISO 9001:2011 (in terms of construction, reconstruction and overhaul of capital facilities; engineering documents preparation for capital facilities).

We have a certified electrical laboratory. It is registered in Technology and ecological department of Rostechnadzor (the number of certificate is № 6520, dated 12.08.2016).

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