"FABT" system
Security and continuity of energy supply become more and more significant item for big industrial customers.

Microprocessor FABT_10_APS system is generally intended to fast switch to next (spare) incoming feeder in 0,4-35 kV supply systems with motor load.

Continuity of energy supply of reliable motors and machines can be obtained in the way of using the FABT with special main and bus section switches. 

Microprocessor FABT system is a grid automation device. It provides double-action: switching-off main breaker and switching-on bus section breaker. The system acts in event of voltage drop at the main incoming feeder and in event of fault at the incoming feeder followed by voltage sags.

"ART" software

SW “ART” will help you to organize and visualize all technical data for electrical equipment. Using this software, you can calculate short circuit current and RPEA setting values for industrial organizations.

Every version is designed to meet the customer requirements.

"APScilloscope" software

"APScilloscope" software is designed for post-accident analysis, using alarm event records in Comtrade format (*.CFG).

Calculated signals can be displayed at frequency, vector and circular diagrams or oscillograms that can be combined. Such tools can be very useful for accident and working analysis, stuff teaching and so on.

User-friendly interface and additional features of "APScilloscope" allow to demonstrate power, current and voltage changes, angular variations and changes of other values.

Our software can automatically generate reports on equipment operations (FABT switch).