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Engineering is the fundamental stage of plant and civil electrification.It is the key to successful performance of installation works and capability of the whole electric system.


It is important for power supply project to be designed according to the standards and requirements. Also it must be efficient and be relevant to the basis of design.

Our company offers a wide spectrum of engineering works from designing of relay protection or emergency control automatics using advanced intelligent hardware to designing 220 kV networks.

Complete design of electric grid (power supply) facilities


  • Realization all complex design and survey works for 6-110 kV AC power supply network facilities. “APS” Ltd. can perform as a master design organization.

  • Accident risk, safety and fail-safety analysis of power supply network facilities


  • 0,4-220 kV power supply engineering

  • Up to 220 kV ETL engineering

  • Up to 110 kV power transmission lines engineering

  • Up to 220 kV cable transmission lines engineering

  • Engineering of civil part of power facilities

  • Utility systems engineering

  • Weak current systems engineering

  • Lighting engineering

  • Engineering of external power networks


Engineering.  What good will it be to you?

Several key stages should be done before getting object or manufacture operation started:

  • Formulation of the project purposes and operating procedures;

  • design works performing based on the project purposes 

  • project coordination with all authorities

  • installation and commissioning carried out on the basis of design project


The project is essential!

Installation and mounting works can be done only after the designed project is agreed.


·Calculation of all electric loads

·Electrical and lighting equipment location plan

·Cable route layout

·Switchgear connection diagrams

·Single-line diagrams

·Project materials specification 

Advantages of working with “APS”

  • Our company has all necessary SRO certificates (permits)

  • Our engineers are highly experienced in the power systems design

  • We make projects in accordance with all up-to-date guidance documents, rules and regulations

  • We’ll help you to formulate the project needs and operating procedures of the electrical installation

  • Our projects are coordinated with all authorities

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