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RPEA adjustment

PEA check-out and adjustment  

Normal operating process of electrical system can be interrupted by some damages or accidental events. In most cases, damages cause short circuits.


Some electronic devices, called protection relays, initiate circuit breaker opening in case of accidents. Fast switching off the faulted part of an electric network can prevent or reduce damages.

Regular checkouts and accurate adjustment of RPEA are the key points for safe and stable operation. So, scheduled relay protection testing guarantees energy security at the enterprise.

“APS” Ltd. owns certified testing laboratory. We make an adjustment of installed RPEA devices for 6-35 kV power networks.

We assign qualified project manager (as a contact person) to each customer for period of RPEA testing. Project manager runs the project from the very beginning to the signed completion certificate.

Advantages of working with “APS”

  • Our engineers are highly experienced in RPEA adjustment;

  • We provide services of the highest level throughout Russia;

  • We test RPEA systems and debug it at no extra cost;

  • You can consult our professionals on any question about your equipment. And it is completely free of charge.

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