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Installation services

Now the electrical and mounting services operate in our company. Supply department is equipped with car fleet, working tools and a warehouse.
 Our company staff is highly qualified and experienced in installations of RPEA devices and switchgear bays 6-10 kV.

We also make retrofit of 6-35 kV switchgear and feeder bays.
The pictures show bays before and after retrofit carried out by company “APS” Ltd.
Polish RSW type bays with actuator and floor-standing draw-out element.
RPEA assembly is renewed. Cassette draw-out element with BB-TEL vacuum switch. The switches are located in the middle of the bay. Voltage transformers are in the cable compartment.

"КРУ2-10" substation integration modules, floor-standing draw-out element with oil switches.

Retrofitted draw-out element with BB-TEL vacuum switch .  RPEA assembly is renewed.
Modernization process
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