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Our lifetime project

We are a dynamic company of high-class specialists and extensive experience

We are engineers, innovators, question-askers and problem-solvers. We don’t settle for good enough or “This is the way it’s always been done.” Instead, we push ourselves and strive for the “never been done before.”
Russian engineers established «APS» Ltd. in 2009 in Moscow as a Scientific Industrial Enterprise. The company acts independently from foreign funds since the beginning.
"APS" Ltd. specializes (focus on) in developing, manufacturing and implementation of fast automatic bus transfer devices.
Currently, we closely develop the area of high-technology intelligent relay protection and automation devices (RPEA) for power, oil and gas and other manufacturing sectors.
The major activity of APS is to improve and optimize all kinds of the work by using innovations and scientific researches.
We thoroughly choose our working tools, with a particular focus on quality. The high standards of efficiency and quality of the performed work are achieved through appliance of modern technologies and up-to-date equipment.
We consider that effective development of Russian electric power industry is not possible without cooperation on science and technology. Therefore, we work hard to communicate both carry out dynamic research because we believe that effective advancing of electric power industry in Russia is impossible without cooperation of scientists and practitioners.
The "APS" Ltd. activities includes:
- research and development;
- engineering;
- manufacturing;
- testing;
- mounting;
- adjusting/adjusting supervision;
- organization of trainings;
- aftersales service;
We values our personnel and endeavour to do our best to provide comfortable labour conditions.
We are problem solvers. We are driven without compromise. If you are an engineer with a passion for solving some of the world’s most complex challenges known to humankind, then join our team.
We are looking for the next generation of problem solvers and innovators to join our team.
We actively recruit high-caliber, creative students. As a technology and manufacturing company, we are especially interested in students majoring in industrial engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering or computer science.
We focus on keeping up with the times (age) and development trends of our country, using European quality standards and Russian sagasity and inventiveness as a basis.
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